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Dyno & Motiva Systems presents a holistic and cutting-edge solution to revolutionize employee benefits management. Our platform offers a suite of services designed to streamline and elevate the entire benefits ecosystem for both employers and employees.

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Dyno & Motiva Systems is a pioneering startup dedicated to revolutionizing employee benefits management for businesses of all sizes. Recognizing the challenges faced by companies, especially SMEs, in efficiently managing employee benefits, Dyno & Motiva has developed a comprehensive digital platform.

  • One palteform for many features
  • Many Payment methods are supportted

  • Employee Satisfaction Monitoring
  • Democratize benifits access for all employees
  • More features will coming

Our Services

Our Services

Digital meal vouchers

Simplifying access for employees through a user-friendly mobile application. This not only streamlines the process for employees but also reduces administrative burdens for businesses.

Transportation Service

We offer centralized management of company-sponsored transportation benefits, fostering sustainable mobility solutions and also solutions for SMEs.

Team Building Activities

Our platform includes a robust module for planning, tracking, and managing team-building activities. Companies can efficiently organize events tailored to employees' interests, fostering a positive work environment and strengthening team cohesion.

Insurance Brokerage

We understand the significance of employee well-being. Therefore, Dyno & Motiva Systems collaborates with trusted insurance partners to provide tailored insurance options. Our platform facilitates transparent management of insurance benefits, from enrollment to policy management and claims processing.

Measuring employee satisfaction

We offer our customers an intelligent module, which represent a recommendation system for HR and managers, enabling better interaction with employees. This module, for tracking employee satisfaction rates through surveys and evaluations, utilizes machine learning technologies for insightful feedback.

Innovative Employee Well-being Features

Discover unique features such as team-building activity management, insurance brokerage services, and tools for tracking employee satisfaction.

Make the right decisions for your talent with our full-digital meal vouchers solution

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Solution benifits for mangers and HR leaders.

Managers and HR leaders can save valuable time with streamlined processes for managing employee benefits. Digitized meal vouchers, centralized transportation benefits, and other features reduce administrative burdens.

The platform's tools for tracking employee satisfaction provide real-time feedback, enabling HR leaders to identify areas of improvement and enhance overall workplace happiness.

  • Time Savings
  • Employee Satisfaction Monitoring
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Cost Management
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Strategic Decision Support

Solution benifits for shop owners & retailers

By participating to Dyno & Motiva network, shop owners gain access to a wider customer base beyond their immediate location. Being part of Dyno & Motiva network acts as a cost-efficient marketing strategy, it introduces their business to a new customer base without the need for additional advertising expenses. We have set up a system that allows the payment process to be launched without delay as soon as a payment request is received. Refund requests are just a click away.

  • Increase customers Traffic
  • Booste sales and revenue
  • Cost-Efficient Marketing
  • Local Business Support
  • Fast payment

Solution benifits for employees

We are committed to promoting employee well-being through various initiatives, fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes health, satisfaction, and engagement.

  • Convenient Access to Benefits
  • Increased Choices
  • Efficient and Digital Processes
  • Real-time Tracking

Samir Abdallah

Ceo Weelearn

I'm incredibly impressed with Dyno & Motiva Systems' digital meal voucher solution. It has significantly streamlined our employee benefit management. The easy-to-use platform has not only saved us administrative hassle but has also brought a sense of modernity to our company culture. Our employees appreciate the flexibility and efficiency it offers, making lunch breaks more enjoyable. Dyno & Motiva Systems has truly enhanced our benefits program, and I highly recommend it to fellow CEOs looking to modernize their employee perks.

Hajer Jridi

Promoprix Supermarché - Rafraf

As a shop owner, integrating Dyno & Motiva Systems into our payment options was a game-changer. The increased traffic from users of digital meal vouchers has been remarkable. The platform's seamless payment process and the exposure it provides to new customers have significantly boosted our sales. It's a win-win for both our market and the customers. Dyno & Motiva Systems has become an integral part of our growth strategy, and I highly recommend it to fellow shop owners in the food industry.

Henda Ammar

Marketing Specialist - Omicrone

"Being able to access my meal vouchers digitally through Dyno & Motiva Systems has made my life so much easier. No more worries about paper vouchers or forgetting them at home. The app is user-friendly, and I can easily manage my benefits. Plus, the variety of participating restaurants gives me plenty of choices. It's a fantastic addition to our workplace perks, and I appreciate the convenience it brings to my daily routine. I highly recommend it to my colleagues and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Dyno & Motiva Systems is a startup dedicated to simplifying employee benefit management for businesses. Our platform provides a comprehensive range of solutions, including digital meal vouchers, transportation benefits, team-building activities, and insurance services.

Digital meal vouchers from Dyno & Motiva Systems function as a cashless and convenient way for employees to access their meal benefits. Employees can use a mobile app to browse participating restaurants and make purchases, eliminating the need for physical vouchers.

Dyno & Motiva Systems stands out by offering a holistic approach to employee well-being. Our platform integrates various benefits, promotes local businesses, and focuses on sustainability. We aim to enhance not only the benefits but also the overall work experience.

Absolutely! Shop owners can benefit from joining our network by gaining access to a broader customer base. Being part of Dyno & Motiva introduces them to new customers without additional marketing expenses.

Security is our priority. We employ robust encryption and follow industry best practices to ensure the safety of all transactions on our platform. Employees and businesses can use our services with confidence.

Integration is seamless. Our team provides support to businesses during the onboarding process. Whether it's integrating with existing HR systems or setting up customized benefit packages, we ensure a smooth transition.

Our platform encourages employees to use their benefits at local shops, promoting local businesses. Additionally, our sustainable practices in team-building activities and partnerships with local merchants contribute to community well-being.